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Artificial Intelligence

Capturing and processing data is just the beginning. Understanding what's contained in your information helps you make better decisions.

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Predictive Logic is a software development company in Denver, Colorado specializing in creating micro services (we call them Elements) for various industries.  For the last several years, our primary emphasis has been the life insurance market.  Our systems and Elements are used by some of the larger life insurance carriers in the United States and have processed over a million applications!   Three of the four systems mentioned in this independent article are powered by Predictive Logic.  Here are just a few of the Elements we provide:

  • A full compliment of utilities for consuming and creating ACORD transactions.
  • Interfaces to Milliman Intelliscript and ExamOne ScriptCheck (formerly Optum / Ingenix).  The founder of Predictive Logic wrote the original patent (#7831451) for evaluating prescription histories, as well as other information captured during the underwriting process.
  • Interfaces to the MIB supporting all of their various transactions as well as automatically reporting applicable codes back to the MIB.
  • Interfaces to various MVR providers including ADR and Lexis Nexis.
  • Identify check and address validation Elements that provide validation you have accurate information prior to making requests for costly 3rd party data.
  • Rules based underwriting inferencing systems that determine the needed insurance requirements, and produce a complete underwriting decision.

All of these Elements may be combined in any fashion and are accessible from other Elements or a client’s internal system.  All Elements are written in Java 8 and reside in a secure Amazon AWS environment.

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