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Robert Morse

Founder of Predictive Logic, Robert has been building software systems since the late 1970’s in areas such as medical imaging, real-time process control, emissions testing software used by the EPA, and since 1992, software used in the life insurance industry.  He also authored US Patent #7831451 which describes a process for evaluating prescription histories and other sources of information for the purposes of underwriting.

Mike Thomas

Mike Thomas has been working in IT as a software developer and architect for over 25 years.  He has designed and developed software for mainframes, desktops, and the web using a wide variety of languages and paradigms, targeting a wide variety of industries.  For the past 10+ years he has focused on web development, service-oriented architecture, and agile practices.  Lately he has become a real believer in the possibilities of DevOps, automation, and cloud computing, and is striving to bring these concepts to bear to make our software easier to deploy, manage, and scale.

Vince Palumbo

Vince Palumbo has been working in IT as a software developer for over 17 years.  He has helped develop scheduling systems for the US Department of Defense and for the past 10+ years has been working on web development for IT organizations and white label product development using agile practices.

Mike Busse

Coming from a manufacturing engineering background, Mike Busse has been in the software industry for the past 13 years.  While working in environments ranging from Fortune 500 companies to small startups he has worked with several automation tools while also manually testing desktop and web applications.  Stepping out beyond his testing roles in order to fill the needs of the team has given him the opportunity to fill roles in development, requirements gathering, and system administration.

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